About us

Geppe is the passion of owner/operator Davide Formica, a second-generation figure in the motorcycle industry who has decades of experience in all levels of motorcycling, from import/export to racing to retail. As a rider, Davide understands what works in motorcycling and what doesn’t. Relying on years of experience riding on dirt and pavement, he is building the Geppe brand on a foundation of experience and trust to provide superb quality motorcycle gear at the most accessible price. That’s the Geppe promise.

We all have a story as to how we started riding but, in the end, Motorcycling is a lifestyle.
I’ve met many lifelong friends
I’ve talked to strangers that I never saw again
I’ve seen the most wonderful places
I’ve gotten wet
I’ve been cold to the point of almost losing my fingers
I’ve been hot and sweaty beyond belief
I’ve laughed out loud inside my helmet
I’ve talked to myself
I’ve come up with most brilliant ideas
I’ve screamed for joy
I’ve shouted random thoughts
I’ve sang the silliest songs
I’ve connected with my loved ones in spirit
And yes … sometimes I’ve cried …
But every time I come home, I come back with peace and happiness in my heart.
For all these feelings and emotions and the ones that I didn’t mention, riding is priceless.

Our Mission…

To provide the most superb quality motorcycle gear at the most accessible price.

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